6 Benefits a Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Provides

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How Working with a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Will Help Your Case

Injured victims may face a difficult time trying to recover their losses following a commercial truck accident, especially because these types of cases are much more complex than a regular car accident. To get the fair and full compensation you deserve from the trucking company, consider seeking legal help. Here are the many benefits of working with a Tustin semi-truck accident lawyer


1. Leads a Thorough Investigation of Commercial Truck Accidents

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Navigating the aftermath of semi-truck accidents without legal help can become overwhelming. However, support from an experienced Tustin commercial truck accident lawyer simplifies the complexities commonly associated with filing a truck accident claim.

A dedicated legal team will investigate the truck crash, meticulously gather evidence, interview eyewitnesses, and ultimately build a compelling case to prove liability on the trucking companies, truck drivers, or other at-fault parties.

This investigation is crucial because some evidence from the accident site may not always be available. For instance, skid marks can be analyzed to determine if one of the involved vehicles attempted braking to avoid the collision or if a distracted truck driver swerved into another lane.

Waiting too long to investigate a truck accident case can result in evidence disappearing. Details like this cannot be overlooked, as they can be the determining factor in winning a truck accident lawsuit.


2. Obtain Substantial Evidence

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In the wake of life-altering trucking accidents, important evidence, such as police reports, photos of truck accident injuries, videos from the accident scene, and witness statements will be difficult to collect while recovering from injury. This puts victims in a bind, as sufficient evidence is pivotal in building a compelling case against the trucking companies.

However, a dedicated truck accident attorney can gather such crucial evidence. Additionally, personal injury attorneys who specialize in commercial truck accident cases can refer to the professional opinions of expert witnesses to solidify theories on how the crash occurred.

Expert witnesses may include medical professionals documenting injuries, mental health experts detailing suffered emotional trauma, engineers explaining the reactive mechanism of the vehicles, and accident reconstruction specialists presenting a picture of how the truck crash unfolded.

About a Black Box in a Truck Accident Case

Referred to as electronic control modules (ECMs) or a black box, this data-logging device tracks vehicle movement. When it comes to truck accident cases, black box data is particularly valuable, as it offers valuable insights into what truck drivers were doing leading up to truck crashes.

Captured data includes the truck’s speed, braking patterns, engine RPM, and even seatbelt usage, painting a clear picture of what truck drivers were doing before and during the collision. For instance, if a truck driver was speeding, that would be indicated in the data.

There is a process to access a black box, and a trucking company is only required to retain that data for a short period before deleting it. Therefore, legal help from a skilled attorney in a truck accident case is pivotal.


3. Pair Clients with the Top Orange County Medical Professionals

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Prioritizing health is paramount after sustaining serious injuries. Early diagnosis and treatment alleviate pain, prevent complications, and strengthen truck accident claims.

However, many victims do not seek care because they do not understand the severity of their injuries or because of the high costs of medical treatment.

A Tustin truck accident lawyer can connect clients with the top healthcare professionals in Orange County, as the area contains a network of renowned specialists. This ensures that truck accident injuries are being properly cared for.

Additionally, the partnership between a law firm and its network of medical providers streamlines the process of monitoring medical treatment and obtaining medical records, which is evidential proof injuries were sustained.

These detailed reports confirm if minor injuries or catastrophic injuries were sustained in the truck accident and the cost to treat them–all of which establish a trucking accident case value.


4. Identify Liable Parties of Commercial Truck Accidents

After a devastating trucking accident, it is often discovered that multiple parties were responsible for causing the crash, either directly or indirectly.

Whether it’s a reckless truck driver, lack of training from the trucking company, failure to maintain vehicle maintenance by the truck owner, or auto parts manufacturing defect, more than one party may be liable in truck accident cases.

This means two things:

  1. More than one party will be responsible for compensating the truck accident victim
  2. The case will become more valuable, making it more complicated to recover compensation

However, a truck accident attorney can navigate the complexities of personal injury cases that involve more than one negligent party. An Orange County law firm that has managed similar cases will know how to conduct an effective investigation and prove fault on all liable parties, so clients can focus on healing and moving forward.


5. Calculate the Value for Truck Accident Claims

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Financial worries compounded with physical and emotional trauma are typically at the forefront of truck accident victims’ minds. This is why recovering a full and fair settlement from a trucking company is so crucial.

A truck accident claim provides financial security and allows the truck accident victim to restore normalcy in his or her life.

For instance, common truck accident injuries, like traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or back and neck injuries require an extensive recovery plan, which will not be cheap. This form of economic loss can be reimbursed with the help of skilled Orange County truck accident lawyers.

However, calculating the true worth of a case involves more than accounting for out-of-pocket costs, like medical bills, lost wages, or property damage. There is still pain and suffering to account for.

An experienced truck accident attorney possesses the awareness to identify intangible and intangible losses, as well as the knowledge to get clients compensated for all applicable losses. 

From lost income and mounting medical bills to the invisible scars of pain and suffering, legal advocacy improves the success rate of victims being properly compensated. 


6. Negotiate for Maximum Compensation In or Out of Court

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California mandates minimum insurance coverage, making cases range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions, depending on the circumstances. 

As a result, insurance companies have become notorious for their reluctance to pay fair settlements, especially in high-stakes cases like truck accidents–regardless of it being the right thing to do.

Negotiating with the trucking companies and their insurance company will be a struggle, as the complexities of personal injury law can be overwhelming for the average person.

Additionally, trucking companies are backed by a legal team and insurance adjusters trained to minimize payouts. To make the legal battle fair, legal representation is needed. Truck accident lawyers will aggressively negotiate for the maximum settlement, supported by their own legal team and the knowledge of how to handle the case best.

If the insurance company fails to cooperate, a truck accident attorney will invest more time in the case by filing a lawsuit and taking the case to trial all to reach a fair settlement. 


Assistance from the Top Tustin Truck Accident Attorneys 

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The aftermath of a semi-truck accident can be overwhelming. The sheer size and force of these vehicles often lead to catastrophic injuries. If you are the victim of a truck accident, please do not hesitate to seek legal aid. 

Navigating the legal landscape alone can feel impossible, and the statute of limitations only allows a minimal amount of time to file a truck accident claim–sometimes as short as six months

The Tustin truck accident lawyers at Legacy Accident Lawyers specialize in helping victims get the justice and compensation they deserve. Our Orange County law firm understands the complexities of these cases and has the experience and resources to fight even the toughest opponents.


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