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How California Insurance Companies Deny a Car Accident Claim

In an ideal world, California insurance companies are there to protect you if you suffer injuries or damages after a car accident, and they would simply cover any expenses that accrued due to the car accident. However, insurance companies in California are just like any other business; their top priority is to protect their bottom line. By rejecting claims or reducing case values, insurance adjusters are often successful in saving the company money. In order to protect your case, be wary of the following tricks, lies, and tactics California insurance companies use on car accident victims.

Contacting Victims Immediately After The Car Accident

California insurance companies use this tactic to catch you off guard. They call you immediately after the car accident before you have the time to determine the full extent of your injuries or the worth of damages. They will tell you not to worry and give the impression that they can be trusted.

After undergoing such a traumatic experience, it can be comforting to feel this type of support and reassurance. While you may want to engage with them, either for support or because you don’t know any better, remember that there could be consequences.

Being friendly and calling immediately after the accident to check on your condition is a tactic insurance adjusters use regularly. What may appear as useless information to you is incredibly valuable to them. For example, when an insurer calls and asks how you are doing and you respond fine, that response could be interpreted as you not actually being injured, which would affect your compensation.

Also, these phone conversations are sometimes recorded, so insurers can get victims on record disclosing details about the accident or damages.

Getting A Recorded Or Written Statement From Victims

Immediately after your accident, expect the at-fault insurance company to call you about the accident. The insurance adjuster will want to speak with you before your car accident lawyer does and try to ask you to provide a recorded or written statement. If you decide to file a claim, the statement you record or document can be used against you as direct evidence.

Remember that the insurance company’s primary goal is to pay nothing or little for car accident claims. Recorded or written statements are always used for this purpose if there is information that contradicts your claims’ efficacy. If the insurance adjuster requests a recorded or written statement, you should decline. You should not provide an insurance company with a written or recorded statement without a California car accident lawyer present.

Requesting A Signed Medical Authorization

Another trick California insurance companies use to deny or devalue your claim after a car accident is getting you to sign a medical authorization. Once you sign, the insurance company will use the medical authorization to get your complete medical records from every medical provider you have ever seen in your whole life.

They do this to find evidence of pre-existing conditions or prior injuries and argue that the accident is not the cause of your pain and suffering. The insurance company will want to argue this even though you didn’t have any previous conditions or ailments. Don’t give an insurance company a signed medical authorization without your California car accident attorney asking you to do so.

Prolonging The Case

California insurance companies know that you will be facing financial problems after a car accident. The aftermath of the car accident will likely consist of sorting out expensive medical bills, being without a car while it’s being repaired or damaged, losing income from missing work, and dealing with other stresses until the case is over.

California insurance firms use this vulnerability to their advantage. They will try to delay the claim process until you’ve gotten to the point where you’re desperate to settle for anything or give up on the case entirely. Although it will feel difficult at times, stand firm and demand what you are owed under the California car accident laws. Consult with a California car accident lawyer about your rights if you are involved in a crash. An attorney will not only expedite the claims process but also has the capability to recover maximum compensation for clients.

Persuade That Hiring A Lawyer Is Not Beneficial

If all insurance companies were honest and fairly compensated car accident victims, then there would not be a need to hire a Tustin car accident lawyer. However, that is not the case in a good majority of personal injury accidents.

The liable party who caused the car crash should be responsible for compensating for damages. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Insurers must protect themselves by undervaluing or denying claims made against their clients who caused the car accident. Because of this, you need to hire a California car accident lawyer who can counter an insurance company’s efforts to shortchange injured victims.

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